Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blog Stasis

I have been circumscribed by circumstances that have nothing directly to do with animal ethics or activism. Thus the details are not directly relevant to this blog and so are deliberatley omitted. I am well, but the fact is that I have an acute shortage of time to pursue writing activities at this juncture. It has nothing to do with discouragement by Francionists. That will never happen. Those who are not fanatically biased have expressed great appeciation for my blog, and those who are so prejudiced have done practically zero to refute its arguments. Sorry, but snide remarks just don't cut it. Unrefuted arguments have a certain cache in this world, and I am pleased with what I have been able to accomplish thus far. The other side though has suffered refutation after refutation - and never bounced back. I have not stopped writing by any means. But I am focusing more on writing for publication, aside from self-publishing in a blog that is. The blog is not dead, only in suspended animation, although I may drop some notes from time to time. And I anticipate a day when I can resume, but that will not likely be any time soon.

Peace be with you.